VILLA FORNI CERATO Foundation was set up to give new life to the Villino Cerato, designed by Andrea Palladio and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It has been willed by the family of Ivo Boscardin, President of the Foundation, who wants to take care of this monument; by the architect Diego Peruzzo: Director of restoration work, by the Municipality of Montecchio Precalcino (Vicenza) where the Villa is located; by CISA - Andrea Palladio International Center for Architectural Studies.

The Foundation Statute foresees at point 2 of its statue: "the organization of events, events, exhibitions, conventions, studies and cultural activities in general, with particular reference to Villa Forni Cerato and to the works of Andrea Palladio". One of the strategies implemented to achieve this goal is the organization of an annual workshop, which is called "Palladio Oggi", now in its third edition in 2019.

Villa Forni Cerato Foundation organized on Sunday 8 September at 4.30pm in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Montecchio Precalcino:

Workshop “PALLADIO TODAY”, III edition

The purpose of this conference is to present in public small or large discoveries that are made today linked to the buildings designed by Andrea Palladio.

Speakers: Dr. Olivia Pignatelli, Prof. Barbara Maria Savy, Prof. Edoardo Demo and Arch. Diego Peruzzo. The works were moderated by the journalist Nicoletta Martelletto.


  • the research related to the dating of the woods used in Palladio's works;
  • the historical-artistic analysis on some of the frescoes that adorn these monuments;
  • the study on the economic environment of the time;
  • the conclusions obtained following the first stratigraphic researches on the Villino Cerato and the possible links to historical discoveries related to the building and to its client Girolamo Forni.

The III edition of the Workshop was sponsored not only by the members of the Foundation, but also by the FAI Delegation of Vicenza and by the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories of the province of Vicenza.

By clicking on the following links you can download presentations from the speakers, who kindly agreed to share their research with those interested

( presentations are in Italian):

La dendrocronologia nello studio delle architetture palladiane_Olivia Pignatelli

Nobili che trafficano. Esempi dal Rinascimento vicentino_Edoardo Demo

Uno sguardo oltre la loggia di Villa Forni Cerato. Il paesaggio con rovine nella decorazione delle ville venete_Barbara Maria Savy

Le piccole grandi scoperte del 2019 nel Villino di Palladio_Diego Peruzzo