Structural consolidation project

The egineering firm Lorenzo Jurina is completing the structural consolidation project of Villa Forni Cerato

In the photo, Friday meeting (from right to left): Eng. Edoardo Radaelli, Arch. Alberto Erseghe, Eng. Lorenzo Jurina, Dr. Ivo Boscardin and Dr. Francesca Grandi.

Astico river and Villa Forni Cerato

The # Astico flowed from north to south, dividing in two in #MontecchioPrecalcino, continuing its course on the left in the #Tesina and on the right as well, flowing wood produced in the woods of the high Astico valley and the #Asiago plateau in the city through the so-called “door of the woods”.

In Villa …

Villa Forni Cerato’s fireplaces (3)

Palladio knows the use of the motif of the volutes as a support element (#BaldassarrePeruzzi and #SebastianoSerlio), as it is shown by the relief of a sarcophagus now preserved at the Musei Civici Vicenza, datable to the mid-1540s, featuring volutes ending with lion paws.

2019 Year-end meeting

The year-end meeting was held today with the following agenda:- Official presentation of Villa Forni Cerato profile- Economic and activity report of Villa Forni Cerato Srl- Economic and activity report of Villa Forni Cerato Foundation.

At the end we opened a round table on the projects for 2020.

We thank all participants for beign part of …

World Heritage site Vicenza celebrates its 25th anniversary!

On December 15, 1994, 25 years ago, #Vicenza officially entered the #UNESCO World Heritage List, later defined in 1996 as the “City of Vicenza and Palladian Villas of the Veneto”. Today our beloved city celebrates that recognition and even Villa Forni Cerato is very proud to celebrate that moment!

#villafornicerato #andreapalladio

The watercoloured palladian Villas

The Villas of #AndreaPalladio have always been a source of inspiration not only for architects, but also for artists from all over the world. The watercolorist working in this video, chose Villa Forni Cerato among the proposed buildings! Art meets architecture here! Check it out!

#villafornicerato #palladio #villepalladiane

Ordinary maintenance in Villa Forni Cerato

Ordinary maintenance in Villa Forni Cerato is always extraordinary

Yesterday we proceeded to clean the gutters on the roof of the Villa to allow a proper rainwater drainage. What a wonderful view from up above: we can see Montecchio Precalcino’s hill: La Bastia!

Villa Forni Cerato’s fireplaces (2)

#SebastianoSerlio in the Fourth Book analyzes in detail the #fireplaces, dividing them into 5 orders (Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite) of which it provides models for structure and ornamental motifs. These proposals are developed by many Renaissance architects including Jacopo Sansovino, in with whom the sculptor #AlessandroVittoria carried out his apprenticeship.